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About Us

ZQL logistics service Co., Ltd belongs to the large and medium-sized comprehensive specialized automobile transportation enterprise, the company car of road freight transport as the main line, in low temperature logistics and transport focus. At the same time, the development of the factory relocation and transportation, dangerous goods transport, container transport, general cargo transportation business. It takes logistics distribution as the center of information, information consulting, business marketing as the two wings; coordinated operations, synchronous development, as the guiding ideology, always adhere to the "with the sincere to win credibility, with the credibility of the benefits" business philosophy, based on Changsha, extending domestic, and international logistics, to achieve logistics resources optimization, sharing, reasonable allocation, for the development of the motherland to make due contribution!

For a long time in practice and exploration, the establishment of a complete logistics management system, advanced management experience, the emerging concept of transport, as well as different from the freight forwarding business to reduce the cost of management, reasonable cost advantage to provide customers with satisfactory service, by China Ping An insurance company to do more than you.
ZQL logistics formerly known as the Ministry of transport, was established in 2006, by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, taxation, quality supervision and other relevant departments to promote the promotion of logistics services Co., ltd.. The company has a number of professional talents of logistics enterprises.
Dear new and old customers friends, thank you for your trust and support for certain logistics. Certain logistics always adhere to the principle of customer first, to customer satisfaction as the basis, thinking that the attitude of customer service for the purpose. For your service is our pleasure, our customers and friends of the goods, safe, fast, excellent price for the target.
To China Ping An insurance company for your full coverage.
With the strength of the Bank of Changsha strong backing for the strong state of loyalty.
Brothers and sisters to join the ZQL Logistics: Xianghui, Shunda, anda, ring Hua, Ruihua, ARIMA, Jitong, Xin Tong, Dafeng, Fujian Shun and other large logistics unit wholeheartedly for your service.
We are committed to building a speed of delivery, logistics, security, security, China Constuction Bank backed by a powerful logistics enterprises, the real implementation of the provincial capital cities across the country to achieve the goal of logistics.